Moore Natural and KER Microsteed

MicroSteed™ Ration WizardMicrosteed

Through the Thomas Moore Feed partnership with KER we offer tailor-made ration recommendations for horses using KER’s innovative ration evaluation program, MicroSteed, and the online MicroSteed™ Ration Wizard application. These nutrition management tools have been specially customized to provide advanced nutrition support using Thomas Moore feeds.


For the Expert:

MicroSteed™ ration evaluation software offers the ability to perform innovative individual diet consultation. This allows Thomas Moore feed specialists and KER staff to provide specific, customized recommendations to meet horses’ individual needs. MicroSteed™ illustrates the nutritional shortfalls, excesses, or imbalances in a horse’s diet, making it easier for the client to interpret.


For the Novice:

The MicroSteed™ Ration Wizard is a web-based tool for obtaining recommended rations tailored to an individual horse using Thomas Moore feeds. The application allows horsemen and feed specialists to describe a horse and the available forage, presents them with a choice of appropriate feeds, and delivers a recommended ration using the feed selected. Easy-to-read graphs allow for an instant visual snapshot of how each ration component contributes to the diet and how the diet as a whole contributes to the horse’s requirement for each nutrient. Users can also have a copy of their ration e-mailed to them or request help with their rations.

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