Moore Natural Balance


Moore Natural Balance

Features and Benefits of this Safe Forage™ Product

Moore Natural™ Balance is a Safe Forage™ product. Moore Natural™ Balance is a pelleted low-calorie, low nonstructural carbohydrate (NSC) concentrated source of supplemental protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for use in all classes of horses and ponies. This product can be used to top dress or supplement feed.

  • A protein, amino acid, vitamin, and mineral supplement for all classes of horses.
  • Low-calorie, low-intake feed with highly concentrated essential nutrients for all classes of horses.
  • Fortified with KER MICRO-MAX™ micronutrients which include natural-source vitamin E and organic selenium for superior antioxidant protection, chelated trace minerals for enhanced bioavailability, and B-vitamins, including biotin, to help performance horses thrive.
  • Pelleted for easy, accurate feeding and mixing.
  • Allows for feeding program flexibility. May be used in combination with other fortified grains to increase the nutrient concentration in the rations of horses consuming less than the recommended intake of other fortified feeds.
  • Allows for use of bulk grains. Balances nutrient profile of cereal grains and forage.
  • Easy keepers. Use as a source of supplemental nutrition for individuals that maintain desired body condition on forage alone or very low quantities of grain (<2 lb/day). When used as directed, Moore Natural™ Balance will provide necessary nutrients not provided in sufficient quantity by typical intakes of common forages.
  • Metabolic problems. Appropriate for common metabolic problems. Appropriate for use as the sole feed in the ration of horses that require a low-calorie, low-starch, properly fortified diet such as horses with a history of: Obesity, Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome and Laminitis*
  • HYPP. May be used in diets for horses with HYPP* either as sole source of nutrition or in combination with straight cereal grains such as oats.
  • DOD. May be used to develop a reduced calorie fully-fortified diet for growing horses suffering from developmental orthopedic diseases such as physitis.

*Please contact Thomas Moore Feed for detailed feeding and management advice for horses with metabolic and other health challenges.

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