Moore Natural™ Horse Feed Coming Soon!


Thomas Moore Feed is proud to bring you their Safe Forageproducts, a new line of premium of horse feed called Moore Natural™. This premium horse feed features their Moore Safe Forage Technology™. For more than 150 Years, the Moore Family has been farming hay and grain in the naturally nutrient-rich Brazos River Bottom, and now they are delivering a new and unique forage-based nutrition technology to the Texas performance and pleasure horse markets. Rather than adding roughage co-products to your feed for the sake of meeting a fiber specification, they have invested in and delivered a carefully grown, tightly managed, high quality forage technology. Moore Safe Forage Technology™ is designed to deliver high quality soluble fiber, which is the needed substrate for proper hindgut function, resulting in greater conversion of the overall daily diet into natural, safe and efficient energy for horses of all classes. Throughout evolutionary history, it has been vital for horses to continuously consume and utilize forage as the mainstay of their daily diet, and now, Thomas Moore Feed is bringing nature back to the horse, in the form of Moore Safe Forage Technology™. “Thomas Moore Feed is happy to partner with Kentucky Equine Research [KER] in the creation of our latest feed line, Moore Natural™,” Thomas Moore Feed owner Matt Moore said. “This partnership means lots of added bonuses for our customers.” Moore Natural™ contains KER Micro-Max™ micronutrients, which are designed to deliver the optimal amount and proper balance of critical vitamins and minerals to each class of horse for breeding, growth, performance and overall health. Also, horse owners will have access to KER’s web-based, ration evaluation software MicroSteed™. The MicroSteed™ Ration Wizard takes the guesswork out of choosing the appropriate feed and intake rate for your horse. Within moments, a horse owner can quickly describe their horse and its management, and the wizard then provides appropriate feed choices from the chosen producer, creating an optimized ration. Specifically designed graphs and tables allow for an instant visual snapshot of how each ration component contributes to the diet and to the horse’s requirement for each nutrient. The application allows horsemen to feed smarter based on the latest scientific research. For more information on the new Moore Natural™ feed line, visit or call 936-825-2239 to talk to a Thomas Moore Feed Representative.