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12% Bull & Heifer Developer

Growing & Conditioning Ration For Breeding Bulls & Females 
  • Complete Feed With Limited Additional Forage 

  • Contains Flaked Corn 

  • Fortified With Moore Vitamin & Mineral Package 

  • Made With Quality Ingredients 

  • Fits A Variety Of Feeding Programs 

  • Can Be Used To Improve The Body Condition (Fatness) Of Cows, Heifers And Bulls Anytime During The Year 

  • Textured Ration 

  • Palatable To Promote Intake 

  • Supports Overall Health 

  • Great Value

When we recommend to feed this product:

Feed to growing cattle on pasture or dry lot.

Features & Benefits

Moderate energy, high fiber feed for controlled gain

Contains steam-flaked corn and whole cottonseed

12% Protein

Contains Moore Power Advantage Base Pack

  • Bioactive plant extracts

  • Probiotics and prebiotics

  • High quality trace mineral

Guaranteed Analysis

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