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Moore Horse
Horse & Mule 10% Sweet

A textured feed with molasses designed to give your horses the quality nutrition they need, at an economical price. This multi grain formula is not only highly palatable but also a good source of energy for all classes of horses.

When we recommend to feed this product:

Feed to multiple classes of horses and mules.

Moore Horse
Horse & Mule 10% Sweet

Features & Benefits

  • 10% Ration For The Maintenance Of Mature Horses

  • Multi Grain Formulation

  • Multi-Purpose Livestock Feed

  • Palatable – Is A Textured Feed That Your Horse Will Find Highly Palatable

  • Contains Blended Molasses

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2.jpg
"We have been feeding TM feed for 8 years.  We haven’t ever had to detour from our feed program as they offer exactly what we need from our colts up to our performance horses."


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