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Moore Natural High Performance

Moore Natural™ High Performance is formulated for the performance horse. This feed provides superior nutrition to meet the needs of the entire range of performance; from light to moderate to intense exercise. 

When we recommend to feed this product:

A high energy feed for performance horses.

Moore Natural High Performance

Features & Benefits

  • CONTAINS HIGH-FAT RICE BRAN PELLET, MOORE NATURAL™ OMEGA GLO to promote focus and consistent performance

  • FORTIFIED WITH KER MICROMAXTM NUTRIENTS – complete source of vitamin and minerals including chelated sources of trace minerals and a natural source of vitamin E for elite performance

  • FORMULATED WITH MOORE SAFE FORAGE TECHNOLOGY™, a natural forage-based source of digestible fiber

  • FORTIFIED WITH ORGANIC TRACE MINERALS for unsurpassed digestibility and performance

  • TRUEQUINE BY DIAMOND V – yeast product that provides postbiotic support for gut health

  • SEAWEED-DERIVED CALCIUM – soluble source of dietary calcium that provides a buffering effect in the digestive tract

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2.jpg
"We have been feeding TM feed for 8 years.  We haven’t ever had to detour from our feed program as they offer exactly what we need from our colts up to our performance horses."


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