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Moore Natural Omega Glo

Moore Natural™ Omega Glow is a high-fat stabilized bran conditioning supplement. This supplement is a coll source of energy with reduced starch. Specially formulated with Safe Forage™ Technology and designed to be rich in calories for hard keepers.

When we recommend to feed this product:

Fat supplement for horses

Moore Natural Omega Glo

Features & Benefits

  • High-fat stabilized rice bran conditioning supplement.

  • Source of cool energy with reduced starch content; suitable for horses prone to tying-up.

  • Contains ground flaxseed, source of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Stabilized and extruded to prevent oxidation.

  • Rich in calories for hard keepers to aid in muscle-building and weight gain.

  • Highly digestible source of fat and fermentable fiber.

  • Extruded nugget form, no sorting and wasting of ingredients.

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2.jpg
"We have been feeding TM feed for 8 years.  We haven’t ever had to detour from our feed program as they offer exactly what we need from our colts up to our performance horses."


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