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Moore Natural Senior

Moore Natural “Senior” is a specially designed formulation for the Senior Horse, providing additional protein, energy, digestible fiber, along with needed vitamins and macro and micro minerals.

This innovative platform of nutrition technologies is formulated for balance and support of horses in the later stage of their life.

When we recommend to feed this product:

Complete feed for Senior horses

Moore Natural Senior

Features & Benefits

  • Formulated with Moore Safe Forage Technology™, a natural forage-based source of digestible fiber

  • Highly fortified with KER Micro-Max™ Micronutrients; no need for additional supplementation

  • Constant formulation with the unvarying palatability horses desire

  • Fortified with organic trace minerals for unsurpassed digestibility and performance

  • Natural source vitamin E for greater bioavailability and superior anti-oxidant protection

  • Pelleted form, no sorting and wasting of ingredients

  • Increased calcium and digestible fiber; research-proven requirements for senior horses

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2_edited.jpg
"After years of using Thomas Moore Feed I can proudly say my horses’ performance and health has never been better! I cannot thank TMF enough for the amazing service, quality, and dedication of making such amazing products that keep my team going down the road!"


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