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Moore Power 12-8 Pellet

Our top-selling Moore Power 12-8 Pellet ensures a safe and well-balanced diet for your horses. Fortified with KER Micromax nutrients, it goes beyond basic nutrition to support their overall health and requires no additional supplements.

Our unique formulation strikes the perfect balance, providing energy with reduced starch for optimal performance. Not only is it an economical protein and energy source, but it also caters to multiple classes of horses, making it a practical and efficient choice for your equine's well-being.

When we recommend to feed this product:

For maintenance of mature horses

Moore Power 12-8 Pellet

Features & Benefits

  • 12% Protein; 8% Fat Ration

  • Economical Protein & Energy Source For Multiple Classes Of Horses

  • Pelleted Ration

  • Fortified With Moore Vitamin & Mineral Package

  • Fortified With Soybean Oil

  • Great For Supplementing Pasture Or Hay

  • Nutritionally Balanced To Support Body Condition

  • Complements Forage Portion Of Horse’s Diet

  • Formulated To Give Your Horse The Nutrition It Requires Under A Broad Range Of Conditions

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2.jpg
"We have been feeding TM feed for 8 years.  We haven’t ever had to detour from our feed program as they offer exactly what we need from our colts up to our performance horses."


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