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Moore Power Complete Nugget

Moore Power™ Complete Nugget is a complete feed, formulated with Safe Forage Technology™ and KER Micromax Micronutrients. It’s developed to provide an array of  efficient, economical solutions, whether forage availability is limited or for convenient feeding while showing and traveling, all in a palatable 3/8” Nugget.

When we recommend to feed this product:

Feed to performance horses

Moore Power Complete Nugget

Features & Benefits

  • Formulated with Safe Forage TechnologyTM

  • Fortified with KER Micronutrients

  • No need for additional supplementation

  • Unvarying palatability horses desire

  • Can be fed with little to no additional forage.

Guaranteed Analysis

ceily simpton 2.jpg
"We have been feeding TM feed for 8 years.  We haven’t ever had to detour from our feed program as they offer exactly what we need from our colts up to our performance horses."


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