Mill Improvements Boost Capacity and Product Quality

Recent improvements to the Thomas Moore Feed (TMF) Mill have boosted pellet capacity, storage space and invoicing accuracy. The improvements will allow TMF to offer better products at a higher value.

“We are confident the changes we have committed to implementing will increase our efficiency and offer a higher quality product at a greater value to our customers,” said Matt Moore, TMF owner.

In December, a new 41,000 sq. ft. warehouse was completed. TMF also replaced one 30-year-old pellet cooler with two new CPM coolers. Beginning the end of February, this change allows TMF to produce 15 tons of pellets per hour versus the four tons per hour capacity of the old equipment. In March, operation of an automated inventory management system will allow staff to maintain and access real time inventory data, manage production needs and promote more accurate order fulfilment. Locally grown forages are an important competent of the TMF family of feeds. In October 2013, TMF introduced their Safe Forage™ products which implement Safe Forage Technology™ was added so Bermuda grass and Alfalfa hays and other local forages can be added to feed. Now, roughage by-products currently added to many leading national feeds across the nation will not be needed. In fact, December marked the end of these by-products being used in TMF horse feeds. Now customers can expect these higher quality feeds at a competitive price. With this change came the need to store more raw products; therefore, storage was added. TMF is now able to store 5,000,000 more pounds of raw ingredients on site allowing for faster turnaround times and larger production capacities. TMF also recently added new packaging equipment. TMF can now package products in attractive bags from .5 to 40 lb with a new small packaging line offering more options for consumers in a variety of our products.