Moore Natural Calm & Safe


Moore Natural Calm & Safe

Features and Benefits of this Safe Forage™ Product

Moore Natural “Calm & Safe” is another Thomas Moore Feed Safe Forage Product™.  It has a  unique formulation, delivering “Natural” energy from our very own Safe Forage Technology along with plant based added dietary fat without added dietary starch from cereal grains.  The combination of fat and fermentable fiber delivers needed energy for the horse, while helping to maintain attentiveness and focus during training and exercise.

  • Formulated with Moore Safe Forage Technology™, a natural forage-based source of digestible fiber
  • Highly fortified with KER Micro-Max™ Micronutrients; no need for additional supplementation
  • Constant formulation with the unvarying palatability horses desire
  • Fortified with organic trace minerals for unsurpassed digestibility and performance
  • Natural source vitamin E for greater bioavailability and superior anti-oxidant protection
  • Pelleted form, no sorting and wasting of ingredients
  • Balanced and varied energy sources for controlled performance

Analysis & Ingredients

Safe Forage Technology

KER Micro-Max™ Micronutrients

KER MicroSteed™ – Ration Wizard


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