Moore Natural High Fat

Moore Natural High Fat

Features and Benefits of this Safe Forage™ Product

Moore Natural™ High Fat is a balanced feed with varied energy sources providing the perfect fuel for horses undergoing high-intensity exercise. Specially formulated with Safe Forage™ technology and designed for mature horses to promote focus and consistent performance.

  • Balanced and varied energy sources of the perfect fuel needed for high-intensity exercise.
  • Contains high-fat rice bran pellet, Moore Natural™ Omega Glow to promote focus and consistent performance.
  • Formulated with Moore Safe Forage™ technology, a natural forage-based source of digestible fiber.
  • Fortified with KER Micro-Max™ micronutrients for elite performance.
  • Constant formulation with the unvarying palatability horses desire.
  • Fortified with organic trace minerals for unsurpassed digestibility and performance.
  • Natural-source Vitamin E for greater bio availability and superior antioxidant protection.
  • Pelleted form, no sorting and wasting ingredients.

*Please contact Thomas Moore Feed for detailed feeding and management advice for horses with metabolic and other health challenges.

Analysis & Ingredients

Safe Forage Technology

KER Micro-Max™ Micronutrients

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