Moore Natural Testimonials

Here’s what others are saying:

Dear Thomas Moore Feed Testing Crew,

This feed is what I consider to be a “Miracle Feed”! I’m always up to see if products are actually what they say they are and if they really do all that they say they are supposed to do. I’m kind of skeptical about a lot of things people say that are supposed to really make a difference… Well, my horses are living proof that it does work! My old mare “Miss Kitty” that I went to the NFR on way back in 2003 and 2005 was in pretty bad shape, to the point where I didn’t want people to see her. She looked way older than 25 and I had been trying all kinds of feed etc. – nothing seemed to really work. Then here comes Thomas Moore Feed asking to help her. Well they not only did they help her, they made her fill out, shine and “feel great” again! She looks awesome and all I did was feed the feed with some coastal hay! My 6 year old son and my wife started roping on her again, and wow did she work great!

This feed also helped my other roping horses, even one that is a very hard keeper who if I fed too “Hot” of feed to him, he would not work to his potential in the arena. Again, I just fed what I was told to feed and wow did he fill out! You know, that’s the last thing you want with a calf horse is for it to be on the muscle when you are trusting him to hold the rope for you while you are tying a calf. My other rodeo horses and young horses/colts benefited from this feed as well. It was just the right ingredients to keep them looking awesome and feeling good all the while allowing them to “shine” in the arena, both in their looks and performance! I will continue to use this brand of feed for all of my horses from young to old – every single one of them! I just can’t tell you how amazing it is. I’m excited I was involved with the testing and measuring/weighing of the horses; however, in all reality they didn’t need to be weighed or measured, because you could literally see the difference! I am a skeptical guy, and they made a believer out of me!

This feed is what I call a “Miracle Feed” it saved my old NFR horse, and really made my middle-aged and younger colts fill out and shine both in the arena and out! Trust me, I totally tested out this feed – riding everything I had day after day to make sure it was what they claimed it to be! Well they are true to their word, it is the best I’ve found out there! Thank You for allowing me to be a part of this testing. I will always feed Thomas Moore Feed. Oh, and by the way – they didn’t pay me a dime to write or say any of this! I really do think this feed is Amazing!

– Ricky Canton, Navasota, Texas
15 time NFR Qualifier, Current Tiedown Roping World Record Holder,
Horse Trainer & Roping Producer of The Ricky Canton Ropings

I would like to thank Thomas Moore Feed and Bobby Cameron for using my horses in their research program. I have 2 horses – one is 25 years old and one is 14 years old, both mares – and they are used just for pleasure riding. As we all know, sometimes it is hard to put weight on the older horses and to keep them looking youthful. I fed the Moore Natural Safe & Calm “For Mature Horses” known as Moore Natural Calm & Safe. Both horses responded to this feed very well. I was very satisfied with the gaining results especially on my older horse. This feed has more forage in it than some of the others, and I think it’s easier on the older horses’ stomachs to digest. Their coats shined more and they loved the pellets. I will continue my horses on this feed and I would recommend this to other horse owners.

– Patti Hubenak
Boling, Texas

Thanks Thomas Moore Feed for keeping my horses looking great after six weeks on the rodeo trail. I feed their performance feed and my horses look and feel outstanding.

– Morgan Grant
Huntsville, Texas

Love the results from the Thomas Moore Feed. Even my pickiest eater loves it!

– Felicia Mancuso
Hempstead, Texas

We ride and train performance horses. It is important that we feed a product that will meet the demands that are placed on every horse we train. We feed Moore Natural 14% Pellet, our horses look great and perform great. The product is palatable and delivered the energy and nutrition we need while training and competing with our horses. We have been very pleased with and recommend the Moore Natural products.

– Brett Stoops, Hempstead, Texas
Fourth generation horseman; trainer and showman; AQHA and APHA calf roping and team
roping horses; member of the AQHA Professional Horseman’s Association and USTRC