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From Field to Feed: Exploring the Journey of Thomas Moore Feed Products

Agriculture is a vital industry, responsible for feeding the world’s population. And at the heart of agriculture lies the production of animal feed – a crucial component that ensures the vitality and productivity of livestock. At Thomas Moore Feed, we’ve farmed the same area for over 150 years, producing the ingredients for quality, affordable nutrition for livestock and companion animals. From field to feed, explore the journey of Thomas Moore Feed products as they make their way from raw ingredients to nourishing animal sustenance.


Starting with Quality Ingredients


The journey of Thomas Moore Feed products begins in fertile fields where high-quality grains and hay are cultivated. Excellent feed is built on a foundation of superior ingredients, which is where we place our emphasis. Our commitment to fastidious farming practices ensures that grains and hay are grown with rich nutrients and are free from contaminants. With this approach, we’re able to produce nutritious feed from the beginning.


Harvesting and Processing


Grains and hay are harvested at their peak nutritional value to provide the best ingredients. Once these ingredients have been harvested, they undergo the processing phase. Before being compressed into pellet or cube form, our feed is sent through the cleaning, milling, and blending phases of production. Our equipment and facility are designed to maintain the nutritional integrity of the grains and hay throughout the field-to-feed process, while simultaneously screening for impurities so that only the finest components are used.


Where Science Meets Nutrition


Whether it’s utilizing safe, quality forage in the place of fillers in horse feed, or producing cattle feed from homegrown ingredients that yield powerful results, we blend science and nutrition to create products that meet the specific needs of individual types of livestock and companion animals. We work closely with veterinarians, researchers, and nutritional experts to develop balanced feed formulas. These formulas are designed to promote optimal health and performance in all types of animals. Through this method, our feed is able to provide all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for each species.


Precision and Consistency


Consistency is key when it comes to animal nutrition, and we take this aspect of production very seriously at Thomas Moore Feed. Our processes are closely monitored to ensure that each batch of feed is consistent in quality and nutrient content. Automated systems control the mixing and blending of ingredients, while quality checks are conducted throughout the production process. This attention to detail ensures that the feed we produce is in line with the high standards we set.


Packaging and Distribution


After production is complete, our feeds are packaged in a manner that preserves its freshness and nutritional value. We use packaging that protects the feed from moisture, pests, and other potential contaminants. The packaging process is designed to be efficient, enabling quick and easy distribution to Thomas Moore Feed retailers.


Beyond Feed Production


Thomas Moore Feed isn’t just a feed producer, we’re a partner to the agricultural community –  a farming family spanning generations, steeped in Texas pride and tradition. And our family is just like your own. We raise cattle, horses, and other livestock with the same need for quality feed at an affordable price. From humble beginnings, our family and our feed is now providing the finest retailers and customers in Central Texas with products for their livestock and companion animals. When you choose Thomas Moore Feed, you can rely on the Moore name for value in your feed investment.



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