Feed Partners

Thomas Moore Feed is Proud to Sponsor These Great Texas Athletes!


Robert Smith (R S Performance Horses)

Whitesboro, TX

‘In cow horse there are a lot of variables outside our control once we get to the show pen.  One thing we can control is preparation at home, and what we choose to feed our horses. Thomas Moore Feed gives my horses that solid base to build on for all ages of our industry.” -Robert Smith


Clay Volmer & Veronica Swales – NCHA, NRCHA Professionals

Brock, TX


Robert Rivers (Rivers Performance Horses) – NRCHA Professional

Elgin, TX


JOSH CRAWLEY – NHRA Professional

Whitesboro, TX

“I have very high standards for the look and performance of my horses, both at home and on the road. That’s why I choose to feed Thomas Moore Natural Performance Pellets!” -Josh Crawley



Rhome, TX

“This is a demanding sport. These horses aren’t just athletes, they’re business partners. It’s important to me they get the best nutrition available to make sure they are always ready to go. That’s why my barn gets Thomas Moore Calm and Safe!”
-Jordan Williams


Jesse Lennox – NCHA Professional

Weatherford, TX

“There are so many reasons why we choose to feed Thomas Moore products to our horses. They look better, perform better, and require less maintenance.” 
-Jesse Lennox


Nick Valentine – NHRA Professional

Pilot Point, TX


Michael & Carlee Otero – NFR Professionals

Weatherford, TX

“We have been feeding Moore Power 12-8 since the beginning of 2016 and our horses have never looked better and are performing at the top of their game… it doesn’t matter which horses we get in, they all eat it and within a few weeks they look like a million bucks. They always have a full top line and their coats are shiny and healthy.” 
-Michael & Carlee Otero


Cedar Ridge Stallion Station, Casey Hinton Quarter Horses

NRHA Professionals

Whitesboro, TX

The positive results were seen in just a few weeks of using this product. We have switched our entire operation over to Moore Feeds and our horses are looking their best. We would highly recommend that you give Moore Feed a try!!” 
-Casey Hinton


Robert Smith – NCHA NRHA Professional

Whitesboro, TX


Fernando Salgado – NRHA Professional

Gainesville, TX


Martin Larcombe – NRHA Professional

Whitesboro, TX