TMF Sponsors National Reining Breeders Classic

More than 4 tons of giveaways at an event featuring over 1,000 of the world’s finest reining horses

When the owners and trainers of some of the finest reining horses in the world settled into their seats at the National Reining Breeders Classic Welcome Dinner, they were soon to learn about the new Safe Forage™ product produced by Thomas Moore Feed. This premium line of feed is called Moore Natural ™.
Matt Moore gave a presentation to this group about the benefits and advantages of Moore Natural ™ feed that will soon be available at stores this summer.
At the show, more than four tons of Moore Natural ™ Balance was distributed in sample buckets while five lucky winners won vouchers for 500 pounds of feed.
These winners will be able to select from the entire range of formulations offered in the Thomas Moore Equine line of feeds at their local dealer.
The Moore Natural ™ line of premium horse feeds features the Moore Safe Forage Technology ™. This technology has been designed to deliver high quality soluble fiber to aid in proper hindgut function resulting in greater conversion of the overall daily diet into natural, save and efficient energy for horses of all classes.