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The Benefits of High-Quality Animal Feed

When you own and maintain animals, you want to feed them the best diet. But sometimes, quality feed seems to come at a cost that the average producer or owner can’t justify paying. Thankfully, your livestock and pets can reap the benefits of high-quality animal feed without breaking the bank. We’ll share the importance of a high-quality diet in your animals, and how Thomas Moore Feed is here to help you and your family achieve dietary excellence for your animals with a realistic budget.


Why Cheap Isn’t Always Better


Like humans, animals look and feel their best when they’re fed a diet of high-quality ingredients. Budget-friendly feed options are often formulated with cheap fillers like corn to boost volume. This may satisfy the scale when filling feed sacks, but it misses the mark when providing a balanced diet for your animals. Fillers are empty calories that don’t stick with your animals for very long before being eliminated. This in turn means that your livestock or pets will require more feed to compensate. So while “cheaper” feed may look better when comparing price tags, it’s the ingredients list that truly makes a difference.


Since lower-quality feeds don’t keep your animals full for long, and don’t do much by way of nourishing their bodies, you’ll start to see the effects that fillers have on your livestock and pets. Feeds with too many fillers can be equated to convenience snacks or fast food in humans: it gives temporary energy, but not much else. Dull coats, increased hunger, dry or brittle hooves and nails, and decreased energy in animals can all be attributed to a poor diet. It’s tempting to buy even more of the low-cost feed to help fill their empty tanks, but this endless cycle has you spending more on this type of feed than if you switched to one of higher quality. 


Other cost-savings considerations of high-quality feed include:


●     Lower medical expenses due to healthier animals

●     Optimal growth rates of meat and production animals

●     Reduced feed waste through the increased palatability of high-quality ingredients


Once you begin feeding your animals a nutrient-rich diet with fewer fillers, you’ll be amazed to see the difference it can make – both in your animals’ appearance and performance, and in your budget.


The Effects of High-Quality Animal Feed


From livestock to performance horses, and even small indoor pets like hamsters and guinea pigs – the benefits of feeding your animals a high-quality feed can be seen. Boosted immunity, better growth, shinier coats, and increased performance all begin with a balanced diet. And, when all of the nutritional needs are being met in a concentrated pellet or blend, your animals’ feed rations will be smaller.


Better ingredients means better nutrition, which equates to less volume being required at each feeding to keep your animals healthy and their hunger satisfied. So, by investing in high-quality animal feed, you can potentially reduce the overall cost of feeding your animals. For example, if you are feeding your livestock or pets supplements in addition to their lower-quality feed, it’s possible to replace both of these with high-quality feed that checks all of their nutritional boxes, eliminating the need to purchase separate products.

Increased Livestock Productivity


For livestock owners, high-quality feed translates to higher production in their animals. Dairy cows and goats will produce more milk when offered a nutrient-dense diet, while meat animals will grow faster and yield better textures and flavors. Chickens and other laying birds will provide more eggs that are larger and have stronger shells.


These improvements can make an enormous difference, especially in small producers. Farmers, ranchers, and even homesteaders will be able to reap the benefits of feeding a high-quality feed, whether it be in terms of profit, return on investment, or higher quality products to feed their families.


Know What You’re Feeding


High-quality feed comes from reputable manufacturers who adhere to strict safety and quality standards. This ensures that ingredients can be traced to their source, and be free of contaminants. Consistency is a large part of this process, making sure that animals are receiving the same quality nutrition in each batch of feed. When you know where your livestock or pet’s feed comes from, you can be confident in the nutrition you’re providing them with.


Feed Moore


High-quality ingredients in your animals’ feed promotes overall wellness, which is why Thomas Moore Feed formulates a wide variety of products for animals of all shapes, sizes, and life stages. From horses, cattle, and other livestock, to pets like birds, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, we offer high-quality feed at an affordable price. Don’t compromise quality for cost – find a Thomas Moore Feed dealer near you to feed your animals a high-quality diet to help them live long, healthy lives.



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